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A Refreshing Disco Mix For Your Summer

A Refreshing Disco Mix For Your Summer

Welcome back, remember last year’s summer mix? We had a very special guest, mr. Ahmet Güneş, providing a refreshing mix for our hot italian summer. This year is my turn: i [...]

Simbad In The Mix

Welcome back, did you like our latest post about house music back in 1999? It’s time for some contemporary dance music once again. A couple of years ago, an emerging [...]

Daft Punk Essential Mix 01-01-1999: The French Touch Manifesto

It’s now time to post something that I deeply love. Something that has been crucial to my evolution as a music fanatic. House music is the topic. 1999, what a [...]

Biasonic Mix 2010 by Zed Bias

Ready for the summer? Let’s go dancing. We got new music from legendary producer Zed Bias. We’ve been enjoying his riddims since he was putting out stuff like this, back in [...]

Three (Mixtapes) Is The Magic Number

“Back in the days when I was a teenager…” I hate playin the part of the old guy, but this time I gotta do it. Back in the days, when [...]

DJ Spinna’s Tribute To Larry Levan

Well, after hatin on Facebook for some time  and being like “goin on FB? Better dead” we’ve joined the darkside. And now, after  being in it for a few months, [...]

Extravaganza Selection! 25 Songs You Need To Listen.

Back to music selections, literally! It’s been a long time since we don’t give you a playlist, so here it is: a bunch of tunes i’m feelin right now. As [...]

Cassius’ 1999 blow-up

This blog often deals with hip hop and samples. Well, these french guys are hip hop long-time experts, plus they defintely know how to sample. Cassius “1999″ album rocks. When [...]