Guest Bloggers

Nigeria Special by Timjim

There’s diggin… And then there’s African diggin. While most of us are content with days out to record fairs, charity shops, bazaars, and car boot sales, over the last 10 [...]

DJ Nes – Dirty Water Brakes

We have gladly received this wonderful mix from DJ Nes and we want to share it with you. If you want to know more about the mighty DJ Nes check [...]

David Nerattini aka Little Tony Negri: 1-Hour Mix of Rare Italian Funky S*#t From The 70′s!

This time our guest is really special and we are particularly proud to have him on our blog. This man is a musician (a superlative drummer), music journalist, DJ, collector [...]

A Mix-up and a Break from Dirty Water Music

Dj Nes from New Jersey is the guy who runs the fantastic Dirty Water Music Blog. We discovered his blog recently and I must say I have been impressed from [...]

Dj Blueprint – New School of Funk

this is tomorrow bringing you music, new and old, from around the world It’s my great pleasure to introduce to you the next guest here at Martini & Jopparelli Musicselections: [...]

Don Ray – Body and Soul

Boum boum tchi tout ce qui groove et qui fait boum boum tchi My man Cedric is the man behind Boum boum tchi, a dope minimalist blog. He is a [...]

Travelling with the Nautilus

This time our guest comes from Italy like us. His name is Antonio and he runs a nice blog called La Mensa dei Diseredati. His blog is in Italian and [...]

ThoughBeats v 1.0

–==> OufAr KhAn <==– Let’s proceed with the second guest aka Mr Oufar. Talking about Oufar Khan is synonymous of high quality music. This guy got knowledge and spread knowledge. [...]

Music Makes Us High AKA More Food For Your Soul AKA Happy Mother F*****’ Birthday, Kids

The first guest for our birthday celebrations is nothin less than the mixtape king himself. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a great honor to present you The Hardest Working Man [...]