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See’s To Exist Guest Mix: A 4 Hours Journey Into Spiritual Jazz

See's To Exist Guest Mix: A 4 Hours Journey Into Spiritual Jazz

In the last years we had a lot of guest mixes from different genres on our site. In fact, we almost covered all the kind of sounds we love. There [...]

Ritmo Radio Show – Astroman in The Mix

Ritmo Radio Show - Astroman in The Mix

Today I want to introduce you to another cool italian DJ. His name is Baolo Pelli aka DJ Astoman. What I am posting here is a very intense musical experience. [...]

BiggaBush – Music By The Yard

BiggaBush – Music By The Yard

There are some artists who last for just one musical season and there are some others who had the ability to endure the test of time. Bigga Bush definitely belongs [...]

Ahmet Güneş’s Summer 2011 Selection

Ahmet Güneş's Summer 2011 Selection

Being a huge fan of turkish funk music, I had a pleasure to know (through the web) Ahmet Gunes, a fine selector from Turkey (Istanbul is one of the most [...]

Solar Powered Space Trees (A Space Mix) by rchecka

Solar Powered Space Trees (A Space Mix) by rchecka

After the two previous mixes, Rchecka is blessing us with another quality session. He kindly sent us this new matherial and we had the chance to listen it in advance: we guarantee [...]

Dumpster Funk 2 by Rchecka

Do you remember this Sun Ra tribute? It was a really pleasant and educational journey into Sun Ra music. Now, the man behind the decks of that mix is back [...]

Romo – Italian’s got Groove!

Looking for some Italian groove? I got what you need, for real! Our fellow countryman Romo did a very comprehensive selection: almost 50 tracks. This is definitely more than a [...]

Guest Mix: 20 Fingers – I Solisti

Time has come for another guest post buddies! Lately we had the pleasure to host some really nice mixes made by some Italians. Remember that? That was lovely indeed. Now, [...]

From Dub To Club with Andrea Mi

Another week, another guest post, another dope mix. This Tuesday we are glad to introduce our man Andrea Mi from Tuscany. He has been into music for 20 years as [...]

A Sun Ra Tribute by Rchecka!

A couple of weeks ago i found this mix on the  Diggers With Gratitude forum, done by RCHECKA. I’m no expert on SUN RA but i think this could be [...]

Guest Mix: Jeeezz by Fugu

Yet another guest mix! I absolutely like to promote people from my country but you know, you have to be skilled. If you got skills and on the top of [...]

Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II – (Album review by Reiser)

[Time has come for another guest post. What do we have this time? Something really unusual for M&J: an album review. The man in control is Reiser from the significant [...]

Duccio & Tommy aka Skoolbwoy Hi-Fi

Duccio & Tommy aka Skoolbwoy Hi-Fi

Once again we let the others work for us! (yeah, you can call us lazy bastard if you want). That’s mean another guest mix. This time we really feel our [...]

Who Killed Hip Hop? Top 10 Suspects

Here we are with another guest post. This time our dude Antonio gives us his point of view about something we are really concerned about: Who killed Hip Hop? When [...]

Teddy Riley: King Of Swing – Mixed by DJ Superix

[ Here we are with another guest post, once again from our man DJ Superix who put together this dope mix for y'all. I'm very happy to post it because i [...]

He Did It Again: DJ Kid Grebo Presents Paul C Lives Vol 2 featuring The Legendary Prince Po

Here we go with Paul C Lives Vol 2, another classic mix by our man Kid Grebo. Don’t you dare to miss the part 1 and give him props on [...]

Guest Mix By Hillel Cool J from Illmeasures

Hi everybody, here we go with another killer guest post. My man Hillel Cool J from read my rant about contemporary hip hop and he decided to make me [...]

Red Bull Music Academy presents Wandering Feet podcast Episode 3 / 2009

William Orbit, Deadbeat (Wagon Repair) and Common collaborator Muhsinah are in the Wandering Feet hot seat this month.

RBMA Presents Wandering Feet

First of all many thanks to Marty for letting me write this post! One of the things I love about the Martini & Jopparelli Music Selections blog is the range [...]

DJ Kid Grebo Introduce his Mixtape aka Paul C Lives Vol 1 featuring The Legendary Prince Po

I got to say thanks to DJ Kid Grebo for this short post about his great mix. Enjoy! Paul C. Mckasty was an incredible musician, he helped create some of [...]

Global Rhythm and Saving Paper

This month came the announcement that the US based world music magazine Global Rhythm is dropping its print edition in favour of becoming digital only. Although disappointing, this comes as [...]

BiggaBush aka Lightning Head: A Short Autobiography

[ This time our guest blogger is really big, as we promised. More than big, bigger. Glyn "Bigga" Bush, from UK, is a major figure in urban music. An eclectic [...]

DJ Nes Interview

[slideshow id=2089670227115824683&w=426&h=320] Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, can I have your attention please? Today I am very pleased to introduce to you our second interview. The man in charge [...]

Brazilian Beats by Timjim

Latin Fusions of Fusions of Fusions… Are you sometimes lost for words with Latin Music? Originally there was a comprehensible amount of Afro Cuban fusion music forms such as Rumba, [...]