What’s going on around the web? (part 2)

What’s going on around the web? (part 2)

Once again I am here to give you a couple of precious directions to the right Internets music pages. The more I search for music, the more I find unmissable [...]

What’s going on around the web?

Since we started out our site the “music-blogs-game” has developed a lot over the years. From few interesting pages worthing a visit, we have now thousand of unmissable spots around [...]

Stuff You Cannot Miss (My #1 Record And Other Stories)

Since we joined the blog game three years ago we saw great mutations, many sites died and many new are born. Right now I see a lot of specialized blogs [...]

So Many Blogs To Visit, So Little Time…

The Blog Galaxy is expanding so rapidly that you will never have the opportunity to visit it all, even if you travel at light speed with the USS Enterprise and [...]

Mass Education for Your Ears – The Perfect Christmas Gift

After downloading for 1 year here at Musicselections, time has come to open your wallet and buy some great music. It’s Christmas and your girlfriend deserves more than a Louis [...]

Martini & Jopparelli’s recommended Blogs! Part 2.

“Masscorporation” He is the undisputed mixtapes king. No shit about it. If you are looking for the best mixes around, well this is the right spot. I love his taste [...]

Martini & Jopparelli’s recommended Blogs!

Martini & Jopparelli's recommended Blogs!

Let’s go with something we never did before. The net is full of good stuff, so this time we’re going to give you a selection of some of our favourite [...]