Whodini “Magic’s wand”/ The Stanton Warriors “Da Virus”

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Dec-09-2006


Whodini is a hip hop band formed in the 80′s in the New York scene. Their sound was mainly electro-beat and their rappin was dope. They put out a lot of remarkable hits and soon became Hip Hop legends.


(from wikipedia)The Brooklyn, New York-based trio [Whodini] consisted of vocalist/chief lyricist Jalil Hutchens, (one of the few rappers to go by his real name), co-vocalist John Fletcher, aka Ecstasy (so-named before the drug trend), who tended to wear a Zorro-style hat as his trademark; and DJ Drew Carter, aka Grandmaster Dee.

As always happens with legends, their music is still actual and in the 2k breakbeat UK gurus Stanton Warriors proved that by sampling Whodini’s “Magic’s Wand” and rocking the crowd in the dancefloors worldwide.

Whodini, as many pioneer hip hop bands, didn’t use samples, but they made tracks with live musicians. They worked with RunDmc’s bass player Larry Smith and for “Magic’s Wand” they had synth-pop pioneer Thomas Dolby (from UK) on keyboards. So, we got to big up Thomas Dolby for producing this great keyboard loop which still sounds actual and somewhat futuristic (Stanton Warriors’s “Da Virus” was re-issued this year, and as you’ll hear, it still kicks ass).


“Da virus” also contains vocal samples from the movie “Wild Style”, once again a hip hop classic. The result is probably the best Stanton Warriors joint, for sure the best for hip hop fanatics like us.

I suggest to check out Stanton Warrior’s first album “The Stanton Sessions” and if they come to play in your city, don’t miss their dj set!!

Listen Whodini “Magic’s Wand”

Listen Stanton Warriors “Da Virus”

P.S. a curiosity: Thomas Dolby later became famous for inventing the ringtone polyphonic software used in millions of cell phones….the world is strange

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  1. Marty says:

    Great post!
    Only one thing: i should hate Thomas Dolby as i hate ringtones.
    I really can’t stand it.

  2. Antonio says:

    can I be pedantic? Wikipedia is wrong, the name is Hutchins, not Hutchens… as for the rest, good job. I love Whodini’s style…
    Their Friends was sampled by the Trackmaster for Nas’ If I Ruled the World, among other things…

  3. DJGiulio says:

    Tupac sampled -Friends- for his classic -Troublesome

  4. thanks…
    i did a link to your site on my site…

  5. Marty says:

    Great , i will do the same

  6. djmp45 says:

    the warriors are playing this week in my town…i think i’ll skip it since i saw them too many times!

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