Stanton Warriors live at Fabric

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. May-03-2007

As you probably know, here at Martini & Jopparelli’s we like different styles of music, so it’s time to change a little: let’s put on some decent modern club music! In these days, i’m listening to a lot of electronic music, especially breakbeat…i’ll let you know which tracks i’m feeling…


“This is it how it should be done, / cause my style is identical to none”

A classic line that applies well to this Stanton Warriors dj set, live at The Fabric in London, october 2006 (check out a nice biography of the Warriors on the Fabric site). It’s funky breakbeat like it should be done, and the Warriors’ style is so different from the others you easily recognize it. The Stantons developed a crossover sound that satisfies house music junkies, hip hop b-boys, garage clubbers and electro fans at the same time.

Sway/ Stanton Warriors "Get Em High"

On the web, you’ll find many Stanton Warriors live sets, but my selection goes to this one. 50 minutes of bangers, a perfect combination of hip hop and modern club music, defintely not easy to achieve. You’ll hear Guru from Gang Starr rap over Stanton Beats, what a dope and powerful combination! When they play other’s music, they remix it with their special touch, and the result often obscures the original. That’s the case of the track “Put your hands up for Detroit”, which is one of the best moments of the mix: a true club anthem! The set ends with “Da Virus”, their classic track we already spoke about. As i said, it still rocks, no need to confirm it.


On the Fabric record label, they recently did a mixed CD, Fabriclive#30 , the tracklist is very similar to this, a very good CD, but this live set is better in my opinion.

Once again, a nice mix for your car (if you DON’T want to relax while you drive), good also for your next in-house party (you can even use it as a playback while you fake to be djing ;-) ).

Yes sir, you’ll need some fat speakers to play this right.

Listen the Stanton Warriors live at The Fabric Oct 2006!

also, check out this dope remix by dj kittykat.

Dj Kittycat scratching on the decks!!!!