What’s going on around the web? (part 2)

Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. May-26-2011

Once again I am here to give you a couple of precious directions to the right Internets music pages. The more I search for music, the more I find unmissable spots where I can satisfy any of my musical desires. Let’s start this umpteenth journey into sound…

Picture taken from this page (and this is the first tip): African Popular Music (a historical review of Sub-saharan Africa)

The first place I want you to visit is the house of the Heavy Afro Latin Sounds aka Sofrito!

Sofrito is the home of the Tropical Discotheque – rejoicing in the heaviest rhythms from Africa, the Caribbean and South America.  From the legendary Tropical Warehouse parties in East London to the clubs and bars of Brooklyn, from beach parties in Greece to festivals and clubs across Europe, the unique Sofrito sound has been surprising ears and exciting feet since 2006 continues to grow…

On their page you will find their releases, their events and of course a bunch of very nice mixes.

Let’s move on…

What about a site with over 9000 bands and 45000 live shows to listen and download? It would be absolutely a dream. Imagine a place where you can find several Jazz concerts, several Funk & Soul concerts, several Reggae concerts, several concerts of any music genre your minds can possibly come up with! Imagine have a chance to read an accurate setlist for each concert you want to listen. That would be a perfect site for all the music lovers around, isn’t it? But you know, unfortunately this site does not exist!

Ok, it’s just two, but the second one is simply huge! Go dig it!