Stuff You Cannot Miss (My #1 Record And Other Stories)

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Apr-28-2009

Since we joined the blog game three years ago we saw great mutations, many sites died and many new are born. Right now I see a lot of specialized blogs with top-notch matherial coming out.

There’s some very good stuff around that I want to suggest you to check out. Big up to all the people and blogs cited here: your hard work is appreciated.


First of all, one for the true Hip Hop heads. Hip Hop is the music that made me appreciate all the sounds I listen now: Soul, Jazz, Reggae, Disco, Electronic….Hip Hop used to be an amazing melting pot of different sounds but you can’t find that in today’s Rap Music. You gotta listen to the Golden Age. So, from the excellent Hip Hop blog THIMK, here’s the link for you:


Notable Rap Albums That Were Never Released (According To Ego Trip)



Second link for the Jazz lovers. I’ve started listening Jazz music seriously only a couple of years ago, and this is exciting because I keep discovering new and amazing stuff that is probably well known to the Jazz audience, but for me it’s one surprise after another.


One is the incredible, breathtaking music by this man, called Sun Ra. An insanely talented, revolutionary musician, hanging around  dressed like an ancient Egyptian (at least, how he imagined ancient Egyptians). Mad respect, literally!


Sun Ra’s COMPLETE Discography @ Blaxploitation Jive massive Blog!



Third: a very important link you cannot miss: truly yours, Jopparelli’s number one record shared for you all on DJ Blueprint’s great site. Aren’t you curious to discover what it is?  Be sure to check out the great music an knowledge he drops on his blog, featuring beatmakers and DJs from around the world!


My Number 1 Record @ This Is Tomorrow!


Fourth: as Hank Shocklee says, I’m really big on Dubstep right now. Do you want to taste some? Well, the Dubstep Forum has a really good Mix Section with all the stuff that matters, you know what I’m sayin. Recently, I’m listening a lot to Jakes, I even bought a couple of dope records by him. I think he’s simply on fire right now, putting out great tunes one after another. Dope basslines and thumping drums, with a lot of references to the old school hip hop we love.

“[Jakes] takes hefty hiphop samples and realigns them with brutal mid range synth contortions that probably wouldn’t sound as heavy if it wasn’t for Jakes’ dynamic D’n'B influenced production knowledge”.

You can check out his latest releases on this blog. For now, I suggest to listen his mix series.


Listen! Jakes Mix Series on Dubstep Forum!



Fifth step: some good Reggae music. There’s a blog hosted by some guys in Brazil with all the stuff you need for cooling down while you light up some trees. This huge reggae blog is called “You And Me On A Jamboree”.  Some personal favourite of mine are the classic John Holt “Police In Helicopter” album, the “Funky Kingston” compilation, featuring classic funky tunes played by reggae artists, and you can even find the Mohawks “Champ” album, which is not strictly reggae but strictly essential! However, site is full of good stuff, if you’re not sure what to check out, go for the older-looking LP covers! You cannot go wrong.


Listen! Jazz Jamaica- From The Workshop (Studio One 1962)


Had enough? I hope so. Be sure to thanx the blog authors if you find something interesting around.


7 Responses to “Stuff You Cannot Miss (My #1 Record And Other Stories)”

  1. fritzthecat says:

    Some good links, thanks.

    I am not sure I agree with you on this so-called ‘golden age’ of hip hop thing. Yes, there was a lot of inspiration around and some great music, and not as many gangstas and pimps as today. But then there was also 2 Live Crew, PM Dawn, The Dream Warriors, Arrested Development, Black Sheep, Tone Loc… let’s face it, most of the albums of the time had one or two half decent tune and the rest was just crap (I said most, not all).

    Sorry, I just had to do my ‘emperor new clothes’ bit, hip hop fans are beginning to sound like old hippies!! :-)

    • Yes, maybe you got a point, maybe when you are 19 (as me in the mid 90′s) everything simply sounds better. Maybe.

      But in the 80s and 90s we had Public Enemy, Tribe, Wu Tang, De La, just to cite a few. These groups had at least three great albums each, three classic albums with no weak points. Can you tell the same of today’s hip hop artists? Who is your De La Soul of 2009? Show me a band dope and creative like Public Enemy around now. And so on.

      And besides that, as I already said, I don’t have any problem with new music: i LOVE dubstep, a music made by 20-year-some English kids. Skream, my idol, is 21 now. Last time someone commented: hey, you listen music for kids!

    • “let’s face it, most of the albums of the time had one or two half decent tune and the rest was just crap”

      TRUE, absolutely true.

  2. djmp45 says:

    black sheep as pm dawn???man, you missing out…
    “most of the albums of the time had one or two half decent tune and the rest was just crap” i think is the opposite…why do you think that people refer to that time as golden era?

  3. Change Position is awesome.

  4. vincentlopez says:

    Thanks for the shout out!


  5. Josh says:

    I’m a huge fan of the site. I’ve always wanted to get you all to check out my site: I think you’ll dig the hip hop mixes I make and perhaps so will the folks that visit. I figured this posting was the best place to put this message out.

    Also, a bunch of friends of mine drop sick house mixes on the site as well: (we’re all from Chicago).

    Thanks for supporting good music, good sites, and linking music fans up to the information.