So Many Blogs To Visit, So Little Time…

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Dec-19-2007

The Blog Galaxy is expanding so rapidly that you will never have the opportunity to visit it all, even if you travel at light speed with the USS Enterprise and your first officer is a bizarre guy from Vulcan with strange abilities.

We, poor human beings with a limited lifetime, gotta help each other to find out the dopest spots in the Galaxy…here is our contribution, we expect yours!

Let’s see what is really hot out there:


Frank Conakry is keep blessing us with some incredible afro-beat, funk and soul. His blog is basically what I was looking for since I came back from my trip in Africa. He is (in his own words) a vinyl archaeologist of African Funk Records. Dig his site is a must for all the African music lovers. The last mix is superb: Big Beats, Sweet Talks & Psychedelic Aliens, don’t you dare to miss it.


Mr Funky 16 Corners does not need any presentation. At least not from me. The quality of his page is simply unquestionable. I just want to suggest you one post among others: The Temptations – Lonely Lonely Man Am I, is an outstanding tune, go check it.


Mr Mass is the sun, Ken Sport number one. Find your way to haven with the Ken Sport series at Masscorporation. Anyway, don’t take it personally but you look horrible, you should dress in a mass way.


You also should not miss the Scholar interview at Wake Your Daughter Up. You will learn a lot of interesting things from the man behind Sould On. It well worth a visit!



Recently i’m listening a lot to Benji B Deviation show. If you are one of the few who don’t know it yet, be sure to check this show about Underground Soul. The awesome thing about Benji B’s selections is that you’ll never expect that so many good music is being produced right now around the world. Every nice thing comes out in soulful music, he has it. All flavors are covered: soul, jazz, hip hop, house, electronic…This show has built up his own distinctive sound: this is what makes a selector leave its mark in history. Highly recommended, trustme.

Here an example of what Jopparelli is talking about: Benji B – J Dilla Inspirations Selections  


If you want to learn from an experienced crate digger and dj, go find Soulman’s spot. He got some interesting stories and a bunch of rare music. His latest post “A message to the young people” is words of wisdom. Check out his work, classic underground matherial.


Ok, i think for this time it is enough: you got some serious stuff to listen to. But what do you do while you listen? Let’s go have a trip in the lines and colours blog, a very intersting and inspiring place about art and illustration. Some pleasure for your eyes too….

16 Responses to “So Many Blogs To Visit, So Little Time…”

  1. Mr Mass™ says:

    Mad Love
    I Will Send you some clothes
    so you can finally dress properly
    hit my mail for your sizes
    peace out my italian brothers from another mother

  2. djmp45 says:

    merry christmas guys!
    have a nice new year’s eve as well.
    hope you’ll enjoy the new mixtape(marty: i wany some comment on that!)
    joppa: let me know if you want to do the 45 minutes each thing for the next tape…
    take care

  3. G Unit says:

    I just heard the mixtape and it sucks! i’m talking about djmp45 last effort (i just download the bootleg)… man, you must do another job, trust me, you are a nice guy but please don’t play whit your turntables! anyway merry kiss my ass!

    • Hugo says:

      It goes to show that losing wehgit is not just about cutting calories and exercising, but about finding out what kind of diet suits you. I couldn’t lose wehgit at all going that route. What worked for me was to go on a low GI, near sugar-less diet. That’s when the pounds fell off for me. I’m mostly semi-vegan now, taking tofu and fish and eggs mostly with the occasional meat.Uhm, I’m not sure if I can go completely vegan though, but all power to you folks!

  4. djmp45 says:

    thanks mate, appreciate your comments!
    g unit as gay unit?
    and can you write in english or do you need spelling lessons?

  5. Antonio says:

    Nice Art Adams pic. You guys know who Arthur Adams is, don’t you?

  6. no, I don’t know him at all!

    I found out that pic on the “lines and colours”blog and i liked it a lot, thats all!

    I guess that blog is the perfect place for newbies like me…I discovered many nice artists there!

    another one i like: SIM-R

  7. Antonio says:

    For Adams (and some more) I recommend this:

    P.S.: nice logo, by the way!

  8. free says:

    your site sucks

  9. Yeah maybe, that is why in this post we suggest you some other blogs to visit!

  10. Raman says:

    Hi,nice blog,given link to your blog at mine,here -”h##p://”, care of giving a backlink to me ( Gamer’s Paradise – h##p://

  11. Ok Raman, i got u linked up as well

  12. Operator says:

    Hi Marty, your now on our blogroll…
    Keep the tunes rolling!

  13. I got u linked up as well

    Take care

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