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Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jun-20-2007

Let’s go with something we never did before.

The net is full of good stuff, so this time we’re going to give you a selection of some of our favourite music blogs. Respect to all these bloggers for putting out such good music!


And It Don’t stop . This blog is amazing. It is probably the one that fits most my musical taste. Updates are so frequent it is difficult to listen everything. A sample of the variety of dope matherial you can find in this blog: The “Still Got the Props” compilations, stuff by Beres Hammond, Barrington Levy, The Impressions, Isaac Hayes, Lamont Dozier, Toots & The Maytals, Main Source…what can I say more? This is the kind of stuff i go crazy for!!!

You And Me On A Jamboree . Another remarkable blog. More reggae-oriented, focusing especially on vintage ska and early reggae, this site occasionaly drops also some soul classics (The Temptations’ “Psychedelic Soul” double cd is one of the most noticeable). A trip to the sweet vibes of Jamaica in the 60′s and 70′s , this site is like a musical time machine. Let’s go back into time!


The Gordy Show. This is the blog version of a radio podcast. The internet radio “Global Funk Radio” has many djs, but Gordy is my favourite. He plays Jazz, Funk, Soul and Disco. Some classic tunes, some less famous ones, always great choice selection and he gives you full playlist for each show. What do you want more? I find this show also very good for finding concentration while i’m working on computers. Smooth and inspiring vibes.


The Soul Sides“  . What i like most in this blog is the passion for selections. Soul Sides doesn’t give you loads of albums, it gives you sigle tracks, commenting each one and suggesting why that track worths a listen. This is the right approach to me. Quality, not quantity. Soul Sides also produces dope mixtapes! Check ‘em out.


Souled On (Music, Art, Politics and Life)  This blog is about the same concept of the previous one: dope selections of single tracks. It also spreads knowledge on hip hop breaks, a topic we never get enough of, as you’ll probably know. This site is simply perfect: superior music quality, great images, a bit of humour, a quote of the day (“Word From Your Moms”) for each post. Great read, a relaxing place to stop while crossing the internet jungle.

Well, for this time it’s enough. Of course there are many other great blogs around, so i think another post will follow if you like this one. Cheers!!

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  1. dubman says:

    Great list – thanks for posting it up, I’ve been fruitlessly trying to hunt down active reggae bloggers for a couple of weeks now.

  2. Scholar says:

    Much gratitude for the kind words. I’ve been reading this blog since its inception, and have thoroughly enjoyed being here ever since. Be easy, and thanks again.

  3. ol mighelon says:

    ciao ragazzi ho appena scoperto questo blog e volevo dirvi bravi ,ho due domande :1)si trova ancora la hit “Nuova era” della boy band più cool degl’anni 90 i famosi “Terno al lotto”
    2)a quando una reunion degli “NTI posse” e se possibile trovare la cover di “Scenario”

    Ci sentiamo a presto take care ol Mighelon

  4. Marty says:

    Uè Mighelon! Alura?

    I Terno al lotto sono ancora attivi. Fanno spettacoli a domicilio per signore attempate, perizomi e tanta schiuma.

    La cover di Scenario sarà presto disponibile in ristampa nonchè nella compilation Berghem, The early years che per il momento è disponibile solo da Tower Records a Zingonia in edizione limitata.

  5. Pier-O says:

    Come to see the new albums in my blog! Only Westcoast rap & G-Funk! Congratulation for ur blog homie! Peace!!!

  6. Gordy says:

    Great to hear you enjoy the show, thanks for the link :-)

  7. shlank says:

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  8. 2 shlank:

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