Martini & Jopparelli’s recommended Blogs! Part 2.

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jun-25-2007


“Masscorporation” He is the undisputed mixtapes king. No shit about it. If you are looking for the best mixes around, well this is the right spot. I love his taste and I also love the way he keeps his blog: irony, great graphic, nice pictures and of course amazing music. His name is Masscorporation and his aim is to educate children and keep them away from bad Hip Hop.


“Funky 16 corners” I have a huge respect to 16 corners. Everybody should have the same feeling as his blog is the most terrific place in the web to learn about funk and soul. His knowledge about music is amazing, his collection of 45s is outstanding. I like to spend some of my free time reading his page. If you still don’t get it, I highly recommend this blog. He popcorn for fun and he is second to none.

“Press rewind if I haven’t blow your mind” When I was a kid, back in the early 90s, I used to read The Source magazine almost every month. I am from Italy and believe me, it was very difficult to find a copy at my local newsstand. But god damn, the Source was so great, full of great articles and very interesting reviews. Well this blog brings me back a lot of memories posting articles from The Source and from others magazine. Go there and grab your copy for free. Some music is also included in the price.

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  1. djmp45 says:

    the press rewind blog it’s such hard work….imagine scanning all those source magazines….i should send some of my copies i still have at home to the guy

  2. Manolo says:

    Minchia sembra un blog di gente seria… Ma l’ha fatto il Bestia?

  3. that’s sweet
    thanx broz

  4. SLurg says:

    I figured since a lot of people come to my blog through you that I had to let you know that the blog Press Rewind has a new URL.
    Now it’s here :
    Let your devoted readers know !

    Oh, and of course I could scan your magazines if you want !

  5. joppa says:

    Sorry slurg, but you forgot the magic word!