Two Great Turin Concerts: Ebo Taylor and Afrika Bambaataa!

Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. Aug-26-2011

I had a chance to see two great concerts here in Turin this summer and I want to share some pics I have taken. The first one was an amazing performance by the one and the only Ebo Taylor, a true musical hero for me. The concert was deeply intense, very emotional. I hope you can get some of the feeling through my pictures.

Ebo Taylor is tellin’ the truth.

Screamin’ and shoutin’

Holding his heat

Jammin’ with his supa cool drummer

It’s all about love and death

A few weeks later it was the turn of Bambaataa. Do I really have to spend some word about him? I don’t think so. I was very close to him, see what I mean:

He gots the magic touch

Looking for the perfect beat

Scratching too fast for my camera.

Now, as usual, get some music: Afrika Bambaataa Live on Ferry Maat’s Soulshow!

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  1. ilmago says:

    nice pictures, love this post! mago