Panoramic Selection by Marty (March 2011)

Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. Mar-30-2011

With this post I just want to give you a panoramic view of what I am listening to in this March 2011.

I would like to try to do this selection every month but I can’t really promise anything. Anyway, let see if you will find some inspiration from this 10 tracks I am about to introduce:

1 Gnonnas Pedro – Dadje Von o Von

Analog Africa did it again: Legends of Benin is a superb compilation with some heavy tracks like the one above. Gnonnas Pedro is definitely a name you must dig! This track is like a choo choo train speeding up in your living room.

2 Umebayashi Shigeru – Yumeji’s Theme

From the OST of one the best movies of the last decade (In the mood of love), this short track is a masterpiece and perhaps is the main ingredient of the film. A perfect match of music and images indeed. Plastician already did his thing with Shigeru, what are you waiting for?

3 Originais do Samba – Falador Passa Mal

The first time I heard about this tune was a few years ago, I think it was a mixtape by J Rocc, if i recall correctly. Anyhow, it was love at the first listen: very happy and all-involving rhythm, party sound for shaking brazilian booties!

4 Orlando Julius – Disco Hi Life

Another fiesta tune here. Orlando Julius is a true legend, one of the real nigerian music pioneers. This track, a 2009 edit, is absolutely grooving and I bet it will make you jump of your sofa and dance. Want to know more about him? Check out this interview.

5 Pax Nicholas and the Nettey Family – Na Teef Know De Road of Teef

I don’t honestly know that much about this artist from Ghana, I simply know that he was part of the Fela’s Africa 70, living in the Kalakuta Republic with him, witch is more than enough for me. Thanks to Daptone Records his music is still available.

6 Napoli Centrale – A Musica Mia Che R’è

Napoli Centrale is an Italian band and you, foreign visitors of M&J, probably don’t know anything about them. That is why I am posting this song. We don’t push that much Italian music here, as we probably should but, when we find masterpieces like this one, believe me, we don’t have any prejudice. James Senese at his best. Enjoy and dig them.

7 Sonny Stitt – Tornado

Sonny Stitt is one of the most prominent exponent of the bebop and with this tune give us a real lesson about funky grooves. This tune is superb, nice and smooth. Grab your whisky and relax.

8 Alessandro Brugnolini – Gregorio VII

Another Italian track in this selction. Sandro Brugnolini makes a nice blend of prog and jazz and delivers us 3 minutes of pure pleasure. Italians should know him for TG2 opening music. Should be this one but I am not 100% sure. Very unsettle by the way.

9 Johnny Dyani Quartet – Year of the Child

Very relaxing track from the Angolan Cry album, his last effort. A very fresh and original album full of improvisation and african influences. Just give it a listen.

10 Midnite – Rasta Man Still Stand

One of my favourite reggae group. They are very underrated and I can’t understand why. I like in particular the way Vaugh Benjamin control his cool voice. Dope!

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