Lester Bowie Meets Fela Kuti

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jun-28-2010

I have found this interview really interesting. Lester Bowie from The Art Ensamble of Chicago talks about the time he has spent in Lagos where he get very close to the great Fela Kuti.

Lester Bowie New York Organ Ensemble 1994 – 1 of 3

Check Part 2 & 3 on Youtube

Here an extract from the interview:

Fela was asleep. So he took me to a room and said, ‘We’ll get Fela up.’ Fela got up and we talked for a minute. He said, “Ah Lester Bowie, you’re from the Chicago Art Ensemble.” I say, “Yeah that’s right.” And then he tells this guy to bring in a record player. And he tells this other guy, “Bring me my horn.” The record was one that just had a rhythm section, so he figured we’d play along with that. So I just blew. I didn’t know anybody in the town, I was playing my heart out there! So after I play about two [verses], Fela says, “STOP! Stop. Go get his bags. He’s moving in!” [laughter] And I stayed there I think for about six months.

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