Eclectic Mix: A Lesson From Ajello

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Feb-18-2012

Hi everybody, today we have a fantastic mixtape from possibly Italy’s most internationally-appreciated Disco act. Ladies and gentleman, say hello to Luca & Fabrizio AKA Ajello. Here’s a short bio of these veteran DJs, followed by a short interview about this mix. After that, you’ll be fine and ready to dive into this timeless blend of ryhtms and styles they put together about two years ago. Check their label as well, DWDK (Danny Was A Drag King…as Danny is for the actor Danny Aiello!!).

Ajello was born from the meeting between Luca DJ Rocca Roccatagliati and Fabrizio Taver Tavernelli. Eclecticism is the keyword word of the Ajello project: Rocca is a DJ, producer, musician. Taver is musician, singer, producer. The sound ingredients are concentrated on different experiences; electro, new-wave, italo-disco, disco, neurofunk, eurodance, space sounds, early house. Their music has received worldwide support from a host of international artists including Laurent Garnier, Erol Alkan, Dimitri From Paris, Andrew Weatherall, and Miss Kittin amongst others. As well as being busy producing and remixing tracks, the duo can be found performing at various venues in most of the big cities across Europe playing their unique style of music.

What did you have in mind when doing the mix?

Me and Fabrzio was really excited to do a music selection that it was not strictly for the dancefloor, so we digged in our records collection just to found some very representative tracks for our melting attitude on different kind of music.

What are the standout tracks for you and why?

We really love all the tracks in this mix, but that retro electro from Haruomi Hosono (one of the Yellow Magic Orchestra) is an amazing piece of timeless music. Another classic for us is Kasso, italo disco at its best with that edit touch by Mr Benitez in person, during the period he used to be Madonna’s producer and boyfriend.

Well, and now as promised it’s time to let the music speak. We said it a million times already, you won’t be disappointed.

Eclectic Mixage by Ajello on Mixcloud

Did U like what you heard? Download The Mix in Hi-quality MP3 here!