African Galore

Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. Mar-05-2014

If you feel like a “motherland child”, this post is perfect for you. I will cuddle your hears with a few hours of top notch, rare and almost undiscovered african gems.

First come first: I point you out two mixes that were put togheter by Karl Hector. This name should ring a bell to you since we spoke about them several times on our blogs. Let’s be presumptuous for once, we have been listening to this group since day one. Fact! There are just few selectors around that can create such a deep assortment of original african tunes from the african golden age, believe me. Nuff respect to our man Julien ‘Djouls’ Lakshmanan from ParisDjs who spreads music around like no one else.

Both mixes are full of groovy tracks, hypnotic tunes and polyrhythmic drums. They have selected musics from Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Benin, Kenya and wherever in Africa. No metter if you are a connoisseur or just a newbie, this is something you should not dare to miss.

Listen to Soul Sauvage d’Afrique Vol 1 and Vol 2.

Playlist: African Selections 2

Above you can find my second african video selection. If you dig in the site you will spot more selections, with music literally from all over the world. In this occasion I have put togheter sixteen tunes, some are very ossessive and rought like Guelewar (the first one in order to test your endurance), some others are more enjoyable and light, like the Christy Azuma’s one. For the very first time I have also included one current track from Senegal, Jeri Jeri. I don’t usually like modern african music but I have done an exception in this case as I love the hunting rhythm and the coarse video of this song. Ok, I am not going to talk of any single video, you are not reading and I am tired to write. Enjoy.