25 Jazzy Tunes For Your Summer

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Aug-11-2010

Here we are with another chapter of our world famous “25 tunes” music selections. This time we are focused on classic Jazz and Soul sounds from the past. I picked up 25 tunes that I’ve been listening a lot lately which, even if very different from each other, sort of match nicely toghether.

I will not list the single tracks here (check the file names for reference), I just let you download and listen. It’s meant to be like a patchwork of different stuff that creates an interesting pattern; a nice playlist for your ipod , simple and plain.

But I can reveal you something to give an idea of course: you’ll find some classic jazz tunes and some rare ones, a couple of soulful breaks as usual, some Gospel and a few ethnic elements. I tried to change the pace a couple of times along the selection, so you have some frantic moments and some chilled out sections as well.

Let the music speak…once again 25 tunes for your mind

Listen! Jopparelli’s Summer Jazz Selection

2 Responses to “25 Jazzy Tunes For Your Summer”

  1. pastor says:

    iarmurt ca tin son in zambia cu martini e c’sim frcat u’whisk ……… c’e bella vit!!!

    sti mbun e ie tutt a post

    ciao joppa